Sunday, July 21, 2013

One littles world

Yesterday I was reading  a post on Tumblr from unicorntreats where she was talking about being an adult girl and the differences between what she is looking for from this experience and that of those she has found so far. Although I did reply to her at Tumblr, I felt the topic deserves a bit more open discussion.
For her it's that she wishes to re-open a younger mind set, incorporating it into her daily life using it as a relaxation and creative outlet for while she doesn't deny that for a very small proportion of the time that 'need' to be little has sexual reasons, for 95% of the time it's not.
She poses the question "Am I the only one?"
My answer to this would be no, personally I don't think so as I'm very similar (predominately non-sexual) and as I understand things, for many of you share the same take (although we're all that bit different).
Unicorntreats also picked up on the prevalence of bdsm themes and 'daddy' fixations she's encountered so far which isn't her. I understand that completely as when I first became aware of being a little I just kept encountering the same on the net and this was before the likes of Facebook and frequent reblogging of images.
I feel in many ways it's unfortunate that such exploratory searches soon take you into hard-core bdsm territory such as dungeon or forced sex stuff, not that I am saying it's wrong for any individual if that's what they get off on. It's simply that it has very little in common with recapturing the spirit and innocence of being a child although when it comes to school based role play I can see how say smacking can come into it (and have no issues with that so long as it's consensual) and some folks spend a lot of money on recreating that whole experience!
Diapers can be a controversial thing but they're not obligatory although those who are more 'baby' do wear them more often than not and part of the appeal crosses over to some who are 'older' although like most of the big girls I don't wear them.
 It's important I feel to remember some may have to wear them for medical reasons too.
When it comes to 'Daddies' to me it's an obvious little girl dynamic - daddy as protector, daddy as super awesome provider, daddy as 'keeper of you being safe from you' so it's okay by me.
I think the problem can be that everything can become focused  on getting a daddy figure in a relationship especially one that respects your wishes and limits so either you miss out on time you could of enjoyed being a little or it all ends up revolving around him..
If you don't feel the need for a daddy figure that's fine and certainly most of you who have one have been happy to play with me who doesn't so i'm sure unicorntreats would be welcome to play with us. 
If you'd like to join us, unicorntreats, look at the Favourite Sites link at the top and follow the link to registration as it is very clean, free from bdsm and forced stuff and critically the main site isn't viewable without being logged in so we have some privacy.
We'd be happy to have you I'm sure.

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  1. I love the pic at the top of the entry.

    This is funny because for years I never knew about the whole BDSM DD/lg stuff, which is probably a good thing because back then I would have been judgemental. Now I'm on a certain adult social networking site where this kind of thing is talked about and I know that it's a lot more complex than suggested by the stuff the searches bring up.

    What is even more ironic is that on that site I get frustrated on a daily basis with people who can't see a difference between ageplayers, littles, ABs and babygirls (which has a meaning unrelated to babyish things)