Sunday, May 5, 2013

Space age living

The week it had to be said  had a turbulent start but ended quite well all be considered gaining a few fans at one place, seeing a misunderstanding led disagreement get to the point of accommodation and finally late spring weather came to match late spring so I was able to not bother with coat wearing.
People often hear the groan ups talking about how we live, the type of environment they plan and how that affects things and this taps into some of things we recall of the past.
For instance in the late 1960's and 1970's the way children lived was changing rapidly brought on by both the idea of keeping more green spaces and also using less land for housing.
One famous children's tv series caught it well.
Yes that is a lift to the flat Mary lived in with Mungo the dog and Midge the inquisitive mouse in their town. They had a flat with a balcony that served as their garden and if they wanted more space then they'd go the communal park where fairs and other things go on.
Here's Mary playing with the bright colourful building blocks.
 I often harboured the thought they were trying to prepare us to this more isolated existance where everyone kept themselves to themselves, a far cry from the sort of life my folks had.
For one thing you couldn't just play in each others gardens or on the street, just in doors in the park away from the neighbours and the other is it remove the wonder of seeing the natural environment with it's calming effects.

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