Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting by

I saw this manga drawing a few days ago and liked it a lot although I'd of written the first speech bubble as "I started out as a guy" had I been any good at drawing because our girl is showing sensitivity to how she is perceived in her new role among the other girls.
I think one of most important things is having respect for your inner girl, that's to say you don't put her in crass or otherwise crude situations if you wish to hold your own in the company of those born and raised as girls from the outset.
Those of us who started out as guys can't just demand the right to accepted and be granted it; we may have to earn our right to be wear our uniforms as part of being regarded as the girls we truly feel.
It's also important to understand females have spent ages fighting discrimination in the home, in school and in work.Girls of our sort arguably need to both accept and embrace that same struggle fighting with our genetic sisters  for equal treatment in the workplace and supporting those who even in today's world get a bullet in the head for supporting girls education as fundamental human right. If you can, learn about those struggles and support our genetic sisters in practical ways.
The path to our acceptance isn't easy but we need to take responsibility for making it as smooth as possible.

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  1. Colleen Cawood wanted to comment but is having difficulties however she would like to say she enjoyed this post and agrees with its sentiments. For her it is she feels she is a woman with unfortunate birth circumstances and feels trying to fit in with most women's core values and interests is important.While on a groan up side sexual interests are natural, they are not so centred around it as if that was all femininity was about nor a major motivation for having female side.