Friday, March 15, 2013


Today I has some voice back that helped as able to bit of my normal work rather than filling in for reception.
One thing I use a lot is a calculator although I did manage addition on Monday with a client but todays I get a new one.
Well it's like that one but in pink. It has a big display and largish buttons that help rapid entry as my old was really old, I got it with 75% off with my birthday money.
Also I got a new book and as I had plenty of time to kill it came from a bookshop.

It's the adaptation of the story of one homeless man who after a few scrapes involving drugs finds Bob the cat and takes care of him. He learns to think about the cats needs and Bob helps him to get his life back together. It's really for children 11 plus but as my reading age is around this and it has much easier  to read printing it makes sense for me to get this version rathter than the groan up one.

I also got this the third album by the Scottish singer-songwriter cheaply as it came in a mini lp type jacket and the seller said it was damaged. Actually the print is just slightly faint on the cd spine that's all.

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