Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The fox report

Oh hewwo there peoples. I was seriously zonked out yesterday with one thing and another so much so I wasn't sure if I'd be up to posting anything today but anyway I got past the night.
Some of us may remember seeing something with a bright bushy tail when we were younger and also some of us have seen the 'real' thing.
Boom! Boom! Yes it's Basil Brush the anthropomorphic red fox star his own BBC TV show starting in 1968 though 1980 and in a slightly different form from 2002 through 2007.
A somewhat mischievous sly creature he was really funny taking the mickey out of his fellow characters in the series with some measure of his popularity being how many times he was referenced in other British tv shows. Whenever he was on tv I couldn't stay still!!!

Unfortunately real foxes has been in the news in the last few days with one ripping off the finger of  baby when it entered a house in Bromley, Kent resulting in sensational articles appearing in the popular press.
Everyone can understand the distress the mother felt when she discovered this but what need to remember here is, the fox got in through an insecure rear door that the Council hadn't repaired and this door could easily allowed anything a cat, dog or even child snatcher in.  All would of put the baby at risk. Had it not been for the Councils inaction, the baby would not of been injured.
Mr Fox is who he is  and he will come looking for food near humans so we need to make sure our doors and windows don't allow him in, don't leave him dinner outside and in some areas the numbers may need to be controlled in the absence of natural predators.
He's just being himself and certainly isn't evil.

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  1. It's true, it's not the fox's fault -- if it was Council housing (it sounds like it was), the Council should have fixed the door.

    Last year I saw a red fox here in town; it was trying to attack a squirrel, but when it saw me it was distracted and the squirrel escaped up a tree. I saw this while driving, so I was in no danger as I was inside a car, but I got a good look at the fox. They're a rare sight around here (southern Indiana).