Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making things

A kind of a craft entry this week as I've been making a few things between playing, running errands and other stuff.
One thing I did was make some electronic booklets for a number of albums usually box sets I bought from music download stores. Normally when you get one these as a cd or even tape, you have booklet with pictures, songlists and some information about the artists but download versions missed these off.Odd as many today are originated on a computer in PDF form and it wouldn't hurt to have included them so they could be read on a computer or electronic book reader.
It really helps to know what's on them apart from anything else.
So I spend time getting the album art, typing lists and getting useful tidbits of information, marshalling them to a several page document neatly so they were no awkward page breaks and then converting them to PDF form.
I then put a copy in each box set album folder.
I also drawed a picture!

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  1. Very creative :) I take it your preferred computer position is a little more comfortable than in the stock photo above!