Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fairy Tail 4

Slowly getting somewhere with this rotten cold and other nasty stuff.
There's an anime series I've been following but as I kind got the sums wrong in January I didn't get around  to picking up the last installment until late last week!

It's a light hearted story of a guild as scene through  the eyes of a runaway girl  Lucy Heartfilia.  A boy she meets in a nearby town, Natsu Dragneel , and his talking cat, Happy,  appear to hold the key to her dreams who joins a group of wizards.
This set, the 4th, contains episodes 37 thru 48 starting with the conclusion over the first four and a half episodes of the Tower of Heaven arc with Erza and her friends are in a race against time to defeat the assassins of Trinity Raven as well as Erza's former friend Jellal before the Magic Council unleash the power of the Etherion to destroy the Tower and everything around it.
The remaining seven and a half episodes of this collection take us through the whole of the Fighting Festival arc. Upon their return Lucy, Natsu and the others from Magnolia, they discover that the rebuilding of the guildhall has been completed and there are some new members for the guild as well. Magnolia is preparing for the annual Harvest Festival, leading to everybody in the guild being excited but things soon turn nasty when Laxus, Makarov's grandson , crashes the party and sets into motion a battle that could tear the guild apart .

In other news this week I got my prize for the GT art competition so thanks Arcee.

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