Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Playing with the Sensa Clip Zip

Well it may seem an odd combination reading a book and  note she's reading the right way - from right to left - and listening to some music but there are times you want to listen to something without being wired up to a home stereo as a former head of Sony realized when he came up with the concept of a portable tape player known in the West as the Walkman.
Following on from last weeks post having got these digital audio recordings wouldn't it be nice not to have take your computer with you to listen to them?
Well I had a player for 2 years and nine months that just clipped into my blouse pocket or skirt band but with discovering the iTunes store, I found because it wouldn't play them without me remaking them in a format it would which is time consuming as well as potentially harming the sound quality.
I needed to get a player that could so I bought this:
It's small with a 1.1 inch colour screen, allows you to just drag and drop your albums straight on to it and critically plays iTunes audio straight off the bat. It also had a big advantage over the Apple ipod Shuffle, it not only is geared around playing albums from start to finish, it has a sdhc memory card port so I was able add a 16GB card to the players own 8GB of memory which if my math is okay means I have a 24GB player for just under GBP£54.Bit of a bargain, what? It is very simple to use.
It also sounds very smooth on Apple's M4a and Window's .wma files too when played though a purchase I made at the same time a pair of Sennhesier HD202's which have deep bass and a high sensitivity to make the most of the output from portable devices.

 Because I have a small head being a small built person, I find most headphones are way too big sliding off of my head, not keeping background noises out and leaving me not hearing all those low bass notes. I also find small ear bud types don't feel comfortable either.

Artwork for the Clip Zip
This can be a bit confusing and the manual doesn't really cover how you get artwork onto your files.
Your art work needs to have a combination of  being under 100kb in size as well as Under 500 x500 pixels. The easiest way to get some is type the name of the title of the album and select images to find a Jpeg file of the right number of pixels and files size. You can resize using a utility such as MS Paint if it's too big and save it.
You then need to drag and drop that image  into the folder that album belongs to in the player and rename it "album art" (no inverted commas and a space between album and art) and save.
It should now show up on your players display.

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  1. 24 GB - depending upon bitrate / compression, you'd probably be able to fit most (if not all) of your digital music collection on it!

    Hear hear with the earbuds - I've attempted to use buds on numerous occasions but never got on with them - they rarely fit properly, and if they do are rather uncomfortable sitting in your ear canal. Ordinary headphones are better, but I always found the metal headband annoying. I'd probably prefer 'closed' headphones with a decent wide band and padding better, but I rarely listen to music 'on the move' nowadays.