Monday, January 14, 2013

Full steam ahead

That there steam choo choo - Met Locomotive No. 1 - was a weekend visitor to London's subway systems ("The Underground") 150th anniversary on the Metropolitan and Circle line. Just imagine the smell and sound of all that steam and the regulars might even why me of all people just puts up for the first time ever a picture of a train?
While many girls shock horror love trains especially the steam powered sort probably keying into stories around getting to girls boarding schools and that marvellous 1970 film adaption of The Railway Children, for me trains are a darker thing routed in childhood abusive episodes.
Consequently talking trains to me is something I'm ill at ease with not that's your fault or anything just the demons running around my head but we're getting somewhere as I was able to view footage of of this weekends event without wanting to hide or run off.
I even thought having that train running was a really nice idea!

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