Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ho ho ho!

This time of year brings back memories for me, some painful bordering on the harrowing (I have been know to go AWL from sites around this time of year) and others a lot more enjoyable. I suspect for a number of you it may be similar in which instance you have my understanding.
But as ever I'd not of posted an image here without their being some deep meaning to it and it's that one of the loveliest warm fuzzy feelings I remember is being sat on Santa's knee talking to him about how the year had been and what I'd really love for Christmas.
That's a very special feeling every child should experience as part of the magic of childhood and as we have increasing less days toward that Big Day we shouldn't lose sight of and why we 'do' the social Christmas with our families.
It's not about the money we spend, it's about sharing our love with one another, making each other feel special, loved and above all wanted.

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