Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The saving a dollar entry

Yes folks I'm not alone if your blogs are anything to go by that we like even need sometimes to save a bit of money to ensure we've enough to do the things we really enjoy what with increasing grocery and utility bills and what not.

I'll start of with something that has always troubled me in connection with computing and that is the high price of the manufacturers ink you buy for your printer with it being sometimes as dear as the price of newer discounted printer itself.
Faced with a bill in the region of £50 or more Pounds GBP to get it reloaded, I looked around and found I could get remanufactured ones much much cheaper and what's more they even had typical twice as much ink in them.
Jet Tec in England has a very good reputation for it's replacement cartridges  especially for the quality of the ink they use which is where replacement ink has been criticized before.
Jet Tec
I bought a black and colour set that came to about GBP 17.99 including shipping and they're great meaning I can get on using it for less than I paid last time fior the black cartridge alone with double the capacity for good measure so they'll last longer.
Cool, eh?

Cheap anime: Funimation in the States has a budget line called S.A.V.E for older titles so for thiosw whose dvd player will do Region 1 discs you can save a bit too while building a collection.
One I really liked  was this:

 "The Galaxy railways" is an adventure series set in as the title suggest on the Galaxy Railways, linking all the galaxies together by railroad with a team of crack railway security people, the SDF, whose job it is to keep them safe for terrorists and the like.
Surprisingly this title has never been issued in the UK but can be bought from UK Amazon as well as

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