Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The "Give us a twirl edition"

Hey! It's another week so I'm super excited with the thought of Chat even if it doesn't always behave itself throwing people out, we're going through a unusually hot period here and a certain someone has made there first post at a site having joined a while back. All I'll say honey is sure can't beat baby steps for getting going, so hugs!
Fashion, that's what's been on my mind for the last few weeks what with the London Fashion Week and also with recollections of fashion in the recent past for girls and how they compare with what we see while we're about with today's girls.
Depending on where you look and sometimes the circles you may move in you often here a refrain that regrets what is seen as a combination of the emasculation of girls fashion such as almost universal wearing of jeans, the tendency to dress all babies in boys attire with just  switched colours  and the spread at the other end of bling festooned 'ma b****' moll of the gansta rapper with low cut tops and incredibly small skirts that leave next to nothing to the imagination being sold to this age group as the 'cool' look.
Indeed at one point I did wonder if we'd see the end of anything feminine, modest and age appropriate but actually when you look around it's still there but updated for the modern miss to wear.
For instance I noticed new in at M&S - a well known middle brow department store in the UK -  they have a line in of lovely children's dresses at reasonable prices and going up to age 16 in sizes.
Here's an example of what I mean of a patchwork seemless dress from Girls Limited that looks so good it's no wonder the size 16yrs has sold out as I'd love it too.

And they other similar twists on classic designs available to in colours including pink!
All of this is great for those of us looking for inspiration to put together a contemporary LG look as for me it sure doesn't have to rooted rigidly in the past.

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