Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Storytime pt.2

Well we all know about me and reading from the last entry being very much rooted around my inner core self so I don't need to go over that again but I have been reading another book by the same authoress as the last one.
Called Little Darlings, Jacqueline Wilson tells the story of two very different girls both struggling with what passes for family life in very different surroundings.
Destiny is very much down at heels living on the better part of a rough social housing estate with a mother in debt working in three part time jobs trying to makes meet.
Sunset is in some respects the spoilt well off girl living in gated world with assistants and security people who can have whatever she asks Daddy a vain aging rockstar for.
Mom is a young woman to whom Daddy has left a few others over the years but the fight a lot with Daddy running off.
Sunset hates the phony posh schoolkids she sees every day who are into just expressing themselves and longs for some structure in her childhood and an end to just being an appendage to a celebratory make believe life.
But these two girls have more in common than either of them thought as they are in fact sisters with Destiny being the offspring of a short lived relationship with dad Danny who denies her very existence to keep up the whole rock star happy families image!

What I like about it is the gritty well drawn picture of what is the reality for some, split families,  well drawn characters that reference contemporary pop culture (for good or ill) and the spirit that leads the girls into a friendship that bridges the divide.

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