Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tartan HK!

No, that's not my tartan although it's adorable but it's the jersey/skirt this lovely Hello Kitty plushie  made by Ty is wearing  that I recently bought. I take it  to work with me to make the groan up side of life a bit more bearable.
You have to be a bit careful with plushies as some of the cheap ones are made from reused materials like hospital waste and not treated so always check they are licensed from the people who have the rights for your favourite character in this case Sanriotown inc.

Also this week I finally school based anime Suzaka of which there is a feature on tagged Anime so just click on the topic index  on this blog to see it. (It doesn't bite you know!)

In other news,several of our group went to camp having a wonderful small time of it as they played  children's games and activities together. One day I may join them, you never know!
Doo joined the gang in chat on Tuesday  appearing to have a good time of it in that great mix of the serious and the random that usually leaves me in a fit of giggles ready to fall of off the chair.

I noticed outside of the usual traffic sources like GT and IK, a few people from Christie Luv's revamped site a paid a visit last week. If that's you by any chance then welcome to the World of Joanne_Chan, bookmark this blog which is super clean and if you wish, formally follow it!

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