Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do You Believe Everyone Is Beautiful?

Do you believe everyone is beautiful? I sure do!
Yes this is a good question I saw on a social network the other day and I think it's worth a wee bit of talk about.
What do you think beauty is?
Well if we went by what we see in the fashion magazines women's pages in the newspapers and that we might think it was just about looks - what you wear and how your body looks so some people think you can buy it.
Some spend millions of dollars on fashion and almost as much on cosmetic surgery to match some image that may of been deliberately altered but If I was your fairy godmother and grant you this, do you think this would make you any the more happier?
I suspect not cos whilst it makes sense to dress yourself in ways that make the most of your figure - and we've all different figures, right - what matters in inner beauty.
Yes, all that stuff that's in you and to which there is no makeover you can buy at the Mac counter for it.
That's not to say if you're experience problems that seeking a good counsellor may not be a bad thing or maybe joining a self help group isn't a bad idea of you can't hit it off with people or you have low self esteem perhaps but it's what you offer as a person that counts really.
And you can argue as much as you like but actually somewhere in you there is a beautiful person and the World wants to met them. And yes I believe Everyone is beautiful deep down.

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  1. For me, this is the most important entry in your entire series Miss Joanne. It's something I'll always remember.