Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Card Games

Hi folks!
How many of us can remember and for that matter still have playing cards from our pasts?
I sure have!
Some of my earliest memories of playing cards were of playing with Gran, who's sadly passed away several years back, such games as Snap during school break up or when my folks had to deal with groan up stuff and granny had to look after me.
I didn't have much to do with Grampa cos he was a bit crotchety and he couldn't understand my English.
At school recess we also payed card games but from the Top Trump range where from one themed pack you'd choose one subject and whoever got the most  of some criteria or other won the round and you'd begin again.
Actually when was having big problems my school friends took me to a store to buy some to help me re-intergrate with the group.
I stil have those cards and several others I've collected down the years such as these cards from the Fox TV series The Simpsons from around 1990 that came in a set of 88 cards.
The have cartoons on the front and questions on rear to ask your friends about all the characters in the show.

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