Wednesday, June 29, 2011

School Lessons

Sometimes even talking about lingerie can lead to all manner of assumptions such as do you have a knicker fetish or other kind of a kink.
Nobody ever really  talked to me about uniforms never mind that whole list that a school prospectus had of all your kit such as day uniform, PE kit, shoe colours never mind that some schools dictated what kinds of underwear you had so I'd never really given it a thought.
Given that the little girl has coming out and now wearing uniform - see Joanne's Uniform pt 1 - I ditched some well worn pairs and had some traditional Japanese  plain but cutely cut cotton ones  from (they had an Ebay store but the paypal is messed up there) which are quite in keeping the the LG schoolgirl I am.
These would work with white PE type shorts too.
But really I thought the best thing would be get some regulation elasticated legged gym knickers which are hard wearing, comfortable, modest and just the kind of knickers you had at a girls boarding school.
These also would be bottle green which would go with my uniform well and being uniformed seems to agree with me. Maybe it's the comformist in me or just finding too many choices too much?

One thing I can recall about school apart from dinner and games is that sadly we'd have some emotional moments that tended to linger especially if like me you were in a boarding school.
Usually these things would start with a group of girls undertaking some activity together but every so often one would somehow do something that the others felt uncomfortable with  and before you knew it we were at "If she stays, we go" which wasn't very nice although sometimes you felt the girl in question was kinda asking for it.
Now I don't care much for people I consider friends making me chose between them even if sadly for one activity one of them  might need to be not in on it for everyone's well-being (we do have to learn to compromise a little) as a group and in our school there was no chance of running away from it all.
I guess we learned to get by because in a sense we had no other choice and sometimes we'd offer our personal support to another privately and try to avoid making a scene because we know we'd only hurt each other that way  regarding each other as sisters and even siblings have their fallings out.
There are times I think we need to consider how deal with these disagreements so we can contain them while being able to be friends chatting to each other and nobody feels they are being forced to chose between friends.
Let's think about it, eh?

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