Saturday, June 18, 2011


I had several ideas running through my head this week about what this past was going to be all about and what if any images I was going to use for it.
Welcome to a bit of The Meadow where I live in a picture I took a short while back and for the photographically knowledgeable I made exposure corrections electronically to deal with the high contrast on the original.
I'm near woodland  and that was left as bowling green flat grass dead land where I walk often that was taken over by locals and made into a bit of roadside meadow.
If you look toward the bottom you'll see the Bluebells were out together with other vegetation because they made a space for them, tending to their needs.
There's a metaphor in that picture: You created a meadow to which I landed tendering to my needs so I grew and blossoming as the Little Girl you know, gaining strength.
Like that Meadow you too can find all manner of things down in it, things you may have forgotten and much that you need to get by in this world.
Thanks everyone.

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