Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meadowside 2

Having spoken a little last week about being in the meadow here's the second part of my reflections.

I think I'll begin the entry by expressing my sadness of the death on June 21st of Kirsty Chibi Moon artist and member of GT  as  well as an internet presence I first encountered when trying to understand more about LG's like me.
Her blog was the first I saw that made a connection to me which lead to my own exploration of this whole side of my life.It may not be much compared with other peoples experiences of her especially 'in the flesh' but it made a big difference to me.
Naturally my sympathies go out to Karen, her s.o at this sad time.

I do feel somewhat indebted to Lausie whose pleasure we had in Chat this week for remarking on her experiences of IK and being in chat for the first time.
She wrote elsewhere about how much she enjoyed the sense in which it's all about the experience of the innocent of the little child, how safe that environment felt compared to others and the positive nature of the experience.
I think she hit the proverbial nail on the head.
One of things I find hard dealing with is the gap between where much of the rest of the world sees my expected interests that may take a more 'adult' take on love in it's fullest expression and how in reality I do because most of the emotional side of me is still around 12.
It can be a problem in face to face encounters as well as in forums and chat rooms where I may not see where a persons comments or interest may be going and there's those who having spotted this try to exploit it.
This can apply to places that endeavour to include LGs like me as as AB's because some of them seem to attract those with strongly sexual interests that are just (emotional) age inappropriate for us because we just don't have them.The resulting atmosphere isn't one you feel comfortable in and I'm glad to be happier places.

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