Sunday, May 29, 2011


Only available in R1 I'm currently watching the anime based on the manga that I own. The story is that of a love triangle between three girls but with a twist for Hazumu was formally a boy who declared his love for Yasuna only o have it rejected.
Feeling so rejected from being spurned, , Hazumu took to the mountains and was squashed by an alien spaceship. Feeling sorry for what hey had done in an act of restitution they remade his body but they for it wrong for he was now a girl!
From now on Hazumu needs to learn to be the girl of her parents desire while in the throws of this love triangle between Tomari and Yasuna which commenced when Tomari oversaw Yasuna and Hazumu kissing.
If this wasn't enough the alien responsible for Hazumu's new life reveals she has only 3-0 days to live and only by merging her fate with another can she survive.

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  1. I have to admit anime had so much potential to be really great, but it really ended up as a bot of a damp squib with an unsatisfactory ending. Meh, I still enjoyed it though.