Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joanne's Uniform part 2

Did I say something about promising you a second part? Is Joanne a good girl???
Well although as you know I was and still am 'pawley' with paw ache I have manged to get this part done although it's not been easy.

Continuing from where we were we've gotten jumper, blouse and skirt sorted - well actually I bought a spare skirt the other day just in case one needs a wash while I feel like wearing it and is this isn't one of those blogs with page after page of knickers (as you brits call 'em) showing you can take from me that's kinda sorted so that leaves us with footwear.
Well I have been know to wear tights both at work and at hometime but somehow wearing this sort of skirt  looks that bit more cute with socks so I did some investigations both online, in real life carefully observing what choices girls made and also seeing what my local market had as I live just outside a market town and often the local knicker man has stuff cheap..
The conclusion I came to was wearing long sock either just to knee height to over the knee worked best and as it happened they were really easy to find.

These over the knee socks actually match the charcoal grey of the skirt really well and wear together instantly transform me to a school girl

 I have quite a few white and black and white over the knee socks as it was so I added these pastel pink ones with a embossed heart design being so quintessentially girlish as well as a similar white pair.
Note how this takes us back to the image I posted a long while back about how I saw myself as a child? The grey skirt, candy colour long socks and that are all there and when you chat with me then that's the LG schoolgirl I resemble.
Amazing isn't it?

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