Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Joanne's Uniform part 1.

Following on a bit from a bit of yesterdays crazy but super funny chat  featuring an upcoming anime where a certain Squirrel rescues the planet, as I may be a bit busy this weekend I thought I'd get around to doing this post about something that matters to me.

As I mentioned at GT a while back I intend to put together my LG uniform for a whole host of reasons such as resembling how I feel on the inside as well as having an alternative to the kind of stuff I used to put on at 'hometime' from work and for wearing on occasions such as in chat.
I'm very lucky in that I have a more feminine frame and for reasons connected with my groan up life such as having to have work suitable attire it's easier for me to do than for those who have to stay in 'drab' most of the time because I already have the start points in my wardrobe such as girls blouses because I wear them as secretarial wear at work and presently mine are long-sleeved and in white which is one the staple colours of school uniforms in the UK where I'm presently residing.

It may same odd but my first start point on this exercise was to think back to what colours I wore back in junior and junior high and what colours suit my complexion.
Red sure does, so to go with my pre-existing blouses, I bought myself a few red classic schoolgirl v neck sweaters which look good on me. (In the past because of small measurements I often bought children jumpers!).

The next main item was the choice of skirt as I'm not really a fan of trousers and certainly when I was in formal education girls generally didn't wear them to school and seldom at home either so the only question really was the style.
This was harder because firstly I had to decide if I was going for a 'seniors' style close to secretarial work wear or if I was looking at younger infant or junior style fully pleated style.
In the end the fact my LG is 12 won out so being a transitional age I opted for the junior style and as luck would have it it was available off the peg in my size and with the exact right length so it just covered the knees when sat on a groan up chair.
The skirt is pictured below:

The combination of the blouses, red sweater and that skirt looks good on me and achieves the objective in presenting me in my real age transporting me immediately to LG mode. The minute I'm in chat I go straight back and feel at ease with myself.

There will be a continuation piece posted sometime next week with any luck.


  1. Red and grey works real good, Miss Green xxx

  2. It is flattering on me and allows for the option of sweatshirts too for a more contempory look.