Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bridesmaids Edition tm

Okay I was kind of minded to make this post and although I'm not really well today, I thought I'd make the effort.
If by some strange chance you hadn't heard there was a really big Wedding on Friday last in fact a Royal Wedding and this usually leads to thoughts about the dress of Bride and Groom, the venue and all manner of stuff that I'll leave others to deal with.
My thoughts came back to the roles of Bridesmaids and Pageboys at weddings having attended a few from early childhood although sadly not in a Bridesmaids dress. The days as I recalled at least were a combination of experiences.
Excitement over all the people you would meet, being introduced to by your parents, of meeting distant relatives you might only of heard of and seen the odd photograph of.
Wonderment of the venue usually a Church with it's distinctive architecture - as those who saw Fridays events  no doubt realized Westminster Cathedral is marvellous.
Nervousness hoping everyone remembered their lines and nothing unscripted happened during the formal service.
Being knocked out to be invited to take a role and being fitted for your outfit for the day. It was really for real that you and your partners in crime were acing out for that day only being Prince and Princesses.
It was really the latter that lead me to include this one picture of the Bridesmaids and Pageboys in tunic and breeches taken Friday morning clearly having fun before the serious stuff started.
It captures it beautifully.

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