Sunday, April 17, 2011

Junior Recess

Whoo-woo! A bright sunny weekend here as I just finish this entry off having gotten the idea during the week just thrown on metaphorically speaking a t shirt and my netball skirt with cute teddy bear socks as it's too warm for much else.
Well this week between Tuesdays chat, a post at ikklespace by someone and a few things I read at GT  this came flooding back to me and I wish to share it.
When I was younger I think about 8 or 9 recess at school got more difficult as the gender divisions in social orders got more obvious and one result of this was I was very marginalized as I wasn't openly adopted by the girls (although they were understanding) and ostracized completely by boys. I didn't have friends who were boys in my class at all even.
Anyway, I used to play a lot with the infants and one the things I used to play with them with was Disney marionettes, puppets you move by manipulating the strings at the top of a set of strings afixed to two crossed over hand controls. I had a Donald Duck and a Pluto like the one pictured below.

That one is from the late 60's and I think mine was very similar being made from plastic although I can't recall if I had it new or if it was a 'hand-me-down' as we weren't well off financially.
We had hours of fun doing little puppet shows in the playground although we had to be careful in the summer and early fall as nearby there were trees and often wasps nested by them or in the old school bell nearby coming around after our candy.
You could say in hindsight it was the first indication of how gender identity effects socialization and also the extend I'd remain a Little Girl.
You know as the weeks go by I find myself thinking more about these things and I could say I don't know why but I think I do. I'm growing down to be feel more like this side of me and I feel good for it. Time for a jammy dodger xD!

Before I forget may I thank Sammy, Kittie (not to be confused with Cat apparently!) and one other for following this blog since it was listed at ikklespace and I think I've solved one embarrassing pop up problem for good.

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  1. WOW I totally remember having a toy pluto like that. And its no wonder you fit in so well over at ikklespace, if you're used to playing with the smaller kids. I bet they all really adored you doing puppet shows for them