Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girls bedroom edition

Hello readers. I'm feeling better today compared with last week which was painful to put it mildly so I thought I write something.
You know I think I owe you all a debt of gratitude really - honest I do - because whilst being pawley(tm) I realized something pretty important which was I was holding on to something in my bedroom that I really didn't want and the reason was simple: because I'd been in hibernation a lot of drab stuff such as Beavis and Butthead posters and the like had been left up.
Then you see you  reminded me of something that was I had buried things like dolls I've never played with or put up and I wanted to wake up to that!
 'Stamps feet saying "I'm a little girl I want my dolls, teddies and awfully cute things out" ' so with that plus a bit of help, I removed the drab stuff and the process found two completely unopened dust covered  boxed dolls that just for once someone had kindly bought me for Christmas.
You know what I really don't like about Christmas? It's the highly inappropriate drab presents people send me cos for some reason they can't bring it upon themselves to buy the girlie stuff I like so I end up taking things like men's gloves and the wrong type of socks that are miles too big to the charity stores. You see being a little girl I have only UK size 5 feet!
Anyway, I had a magical two hours playing with the white porcelain doll pictured that the manufacturers called Daisy but while sat down on my knees in my charcoal grey skirt and named her Louise after a dear school friend and made a space so when I wake up in the mornings I can see her without moving .
While I was at it those posters were taken down and I put up some Hello Kitty ones instead covering the door with stickers of her too for good measure.

Before I forget, thank you all for reading last weeks entry as I noticed an awful lot of you did when I saw the statistics today.
Btw It's okay to comment on my blog if you wish or even follow it!

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