Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr Twiddle

You know something don't you? Being in the meadow with the little girls is bringing thing backs  to me that were previously buried under a pile of 'Groan Up' stuff.
Here's an example of what I mean. The other day I was sat thinking as you do and suddenly from nowhere in particular and my mind went back to the books I recall reading as I'm sure many of us in the Commonwealth did as young children and the characters from them.
Like many during that era, Enid Blyton was on our bookshelves and maybe you can recall Mallory Towers, the Secret Seven and so on by her but this one just popped back to me in flash!
It's Mr Twiddle who appeared in a few books in this series based around him, his cat and long suffering wife.
Mr Twiddle is kindly old man who also is somewhat forgetful, lazy and in some respect what we used to call a 'simpleton' making many mistakes through his inability to see what's really happening.
For instance he was quite convinced the garden had magical coins appearing where in reality he was losing money as it fell from his trouser pockets as he mowed the lawn! Another is based around his mishearing the request from his wife to hang the sheet and coat so he hangs a sheep and goat who escape causing mayhem as the enter the house.
One of my favourites though was when he was asked to change the light bulbs and plant some in the garden. Well he only puts light bulbs in  the garden and and the bulbs for planting in the lamp holders!!!
I used to read these religiously often in bed with a touch under the bed clothes and forget now when they went but it may of been when I was 10 or something when we moved home.

I'd like to say thank you for all of you who read this this blog whither or not you get it from the Adisc,ikklespace or Girltalk.to.

Regards Jo.

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