Friday, February 4, 2011


I have a confession to make people and it is this: I struggle to read much grown up fiction taking in the images, language employed and so on regardless of what it is about. For instance as great as say The Mayor of Casterbridge is as a novel I really struggle with it even though I can read reasonable well something such as series of technical instructions although because of my dyslexia it needs to be structured  well for me to make sense of it.
It would not surprise me in the slightest if my reading age still was as close as my LG age in reality - maybe  they're interlinked? - and one aspect of this is I read Junior Fiction for it's readability.
There is obviously a LG element in the kinds of stories they are in that they are often based around childhood experiences some of which I shared.
One of the people whose work I really do like is the authoress Jacqueline Wilson, who is British and has won many awards for her stories for children of all ages and is highly respected in literary circles for her way of telling often poignant stories about modern childhood and sadly the society they, like us, live in.
The Tracey Beaker Books that have been made into a BBC tv series, are a good example of this, telling the story of 10 year old girl in care because of how her father treated her and Tracey's mother but spending a lot of that time having no new forever family just a succession of temporary foster parents. Tracey it has to be said exhibits some behavioural issues of her own, such as aggression, being lippy and telling barefaced lies perhaps to compensate for what she lost emotionally.
It also examines how children from other difficult backgrounds relate and touches on the exclusion many feel they are from their school peers.
The Dare Game looks at Dares, something I was a right one for at the time and how a group of children including Tracey often marginalized get on, forming a deep bond emotionally through these games where each as struggled to form relationships with others they've know at school.
Diamond Girls is a story of resourcefulness in the face of adversity as a single parent family of Mom and three girls and a child to be that move from one social housing property to another chosen on a whim by Mom only to find it's a right dump but make it home, learning alot about themselves and to be more grown up ready for the first Diamond Boy to be born pulling together.
I had some vouchers for a well known high street bookseller and recently bought two more books by her.Luckily the staff aren't fazed by me presenting my vouchers for children fiction which is one less battle to fight.
I'm currently reading Lola Rose, the story of Mom and two children who having faced physical abuse by Mom's partner run away to London with the winnings of a Lottery scratch card making a new life but the peace of new life is shattered when it is discovered that Mom has cancer and needs to go to hospital. As well I got Hetty Feather the story of an abandoned baby.

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