Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pawfect Orchid!

This is the Orchid I was talking about yesterday to several of you about that I grew from a kit I had for Christmas before the cat removed one of the flowers! It's done quite well although I do have to make sure it doesn't dry out being near the radiator .
I've always had a liking for flowers both indoor ones and event the 'wild' ones you see or in some areas more accurately used to be able to see growing by hedges and on wasteground.

Pawley(tm): I'd hate to disappointment anyone not least our dancing bear but I've had ownership of 'Pawley' for over 16 years just gone when what had started off an bit of achy paw thru an industrial injury grew into a debilitating condition that medical science says is progressive and inoperable.
For a period I was completely unable to dress, wash and even do things like read by myself and while I'm a bit better now it doesn't take much before I start to get involuntary shakes that lead into being unable grip coupled with severe pain.
Even now as my works colleagues now, we have to make adjustments like someone may have to do certain parts of a task for me and limit my hours. As well sometimes I may need to go home early and if we're at social functions then they do need to help me with getting and even cutting up food sometimes.
I'm always in some degree of discomfort and as the day gets longer the more I feel it which why some days sadly I have to say I need to rest if I''m on a forum and do leave chat earlier than some of you.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that dear but at least you've a life with people that seem to understand you.