Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh start

Well I've finally done it.
I have joined for some girltalk because my inner child side isn't going way so repressing it isn't going to work as I just feel shut down and sad. For a period I did try to let more of it out but this was before I had the internet never mind knew what the words were to describe what I felt. and when I did find some places they were so 'adult content'  orientated  I don't feel I belonged there.
 At least at Girl forums, I'm with those who truly understand how I feel which believe you me is a relief as so many people just do not understand.
While there I came to learn of a movie that apparently I'd missed out onthat was actually up my street as film for children and family viewing called Nanny McPhee, the kind of film set in house with lots of children I hadn't seen for years.
Watching it made me feel good because a part of me came back alive - my inner child - and it wants to live on.

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