Saturday, July 24, 2010


This was my life, a life I loved as much as disliked the difficulties and prejudice of I endured in my youth.
 To me the park was this magical place, a place that had things but you added to that from what was within you, your imagination, and boy did I have an imagination!
 We created and played games there carefully observing the rules and for the most part at least always looked out in case someone felt uncomfortable in the game we were playing.
If I was feeling a bit low, then another would swing me having talked me on to getting on that swing and it wasn't too long before my face was dressed with a smile as I just loved that rocking back and forth motion. To be honest I'd just love to be swung right now if the truth be known.
There was a slide probably made from aluminum or steel that you had to climb several steps to place yourself with your bottom on the edge and start that gushing great sliding motion down to the very end. Whee! I just loved it!!!

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