Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gaining confidence

As a child I lack confidence in part through my disabilities but very much to do the miss-mash between my inner girl side and the rest of me, feeling very much like an alien trapped in a world that neither understood me or would allow me to be myself as much as I tried to adapt.
One thing that did  work for me oddly enough was being taught to swing from a rope  that was on a climbing frame which I had never climbed. In fact my parents I feel were too timid and just projected fear as the response to the very idea. However at school they got me on that frame starting from the bottom and even crawling along the top and then introduced the rope to me!
It was scary but having found a way to grip it well, I leaned to climb it and swing rope between my legs going form side to side and then to swing and get on the other side of the frame to climb.
It did me the world of good  and is one of my fondest memories of childhood PE.

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