Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm slowly reading through this five part manga.
The concept is simple but with a twist!!!
In essence it's a story about a girl who is caught in a love triangle between her childhood friend, Tomari and the girl who rejected him, Yasuna.
But this is no ordinary girl for Hazuma lost himself in the mountains and was squashed by an alien spaceship!!!

The aliens felt really bad about it and so remade Hazuma's body but in a life changing error this time around as a girl!
Hazuma has to get on with being the girl her parents always really wanted and getting to grips with all the social conventions that are now expected of her and to top it all has a limited life expectancy. It's funny and at the same time a sad thought provoking storyline.
Having had friends become seriously ill and die at around Hazuma's age, I can say it is one of the hardest things in the world to cope with as both you and them have feelings that need to respected to enable one to depart in peace and you as the survivor to feel you still have that connection to the person and in some way carry on their work.

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