Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Magic of the Fall, 2009.

As a Little Girl I always looked forward to the fall being that magical period  of transition from the late summer through to the onset of winter with it's bright crisp colours, leaves making pretty carpet like paths in the woods and forests.
It was time like most others where the seasons dictated what we would be doing
 in school in terms of lessons and games played in PE and also our own childhood playground games of which conkers was one of mine.My inner child feels all warm inside thinking of the fun we had and actually as you'll see some later in the chronological years love it still.
Conkers is an age old playground favourite, so if you harbour nostalgic memories of fast and furious conker competitions from your youth, then get yourself down to the conker championships and see whether you can beat the best. There are often different age categories to compete in, from the under fives to adults, and the winner of each receives a prize.
Here the berries are out ready for the birds and Mr Nutkins when he comes on over from the woodlands nearby
It's that time of your and I just adore those colours!

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