Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wardrobe of the mind

This is an image of the mind wardrobe of myself around the age of eight with all the colours and the dress I liked which lead to the first real dressing during school vacations and whatever spare time I could find.

Now by the time I was in my teens this was how I wanted to look  in my school uniform around the age of eleven through thirteen being gangly and if I'd of put that skirt on doubt would of which is a core image of the child me

Today I do although nothing really has changed because what happened through that childhood that included those images of how I'd of been throughout that period, this is how I actually am dressed as that age regressed adult-child little.
Whatever the chronological age of me might be, the age I am inside that governs how I think, act and relate so I'm still a middle school/junior high girl functionally and so in certain settings were uniform.

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