Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jennings Little Hut

Seeing we're entering the new year, I thought I'd resume from where I left off with the Jennings series of adventures.
We resume with Jennings and Darbishire in the Third Term who have managed to secure permission to spend their leisure  time hut building in a remote but alas marshy part of the school grounds. The somewhat rudimentary structures from twigs and bull rushes may not be the Headmasters expectations but has raised the pride of everyone involved.
Intermingled in this tranquility are a series of minor and major upsets one being a strong contender to become a new boy, Roger, who while with Jennings and Darbishire larking about by the pool gets muddy and messes his clothes up to the point of tearing his shorts just view as his Mother and the Headmaster are finalizing it.
The two boys the next day face going to the Headmasters room set for a good thirty-five minute lecture and a caning only to find the incident only encouraged Roger's mother to telephone saying he'd be definitely attending saying how good his time that day had been for him  and the headmaster commuting the punishment!
My copy with a little damage to the dust jacket is the nineteen sixty-seven Collins edition

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