Saturday, August 16, 2008


My education was at co-educational schools which when translated out of the amazing lexication of the world of Education into plain english means schools that accepted boys and girls as pupils.
We were not perish the thought 'students' at the ripe age of six because we we children and students went to college back then!
That's why strangely enough I'm devoting a page on my blog to a strange species that we shared our time with: The Boy.
 Boys had a certain something different about them.
At that time they tended to be rather more forward, leading things having different sorts of adventures and rather prone to dares.
They had a different uniform too as shown on this picture of a 'prep' school although the colours here have more in common.
 I thought when they were good and made sure they were not covered in mud from playing war games and falling off trees they looked really smart although the boy on left would of been told to pull his socks up literally, not just as a metaphor for getting engaged in his life.
Older boys wore long pants (UK trousers) but boys up to their teens didn't although that was starting to change.

 Personally I loved to see them in their shorts being more practical too for when they played usually with each other in groups.
 Proper shorts for boys were actually lined for comfort and were fairly warm worn with just beneath the knee socks usually gray rather than the white ones we had which probably was a good idea as they didn't show puddle stains.

While I'd of rather of gone to an all girls school, I enjoyed sharing space with them hearing of their adventures and feel we ought to be valueing boys as equals for just being themselves.

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