Thursday, June 19, 2008

You, me and the rest of the world.

How we handle our 'Little Girl' side is in some respects down to us but we do need to think sometimes about how being the way we are can impact on others.
For instance some us may just be more at the point of maintaining many of the interests we had from our childhood such as playing with dolls, doing sticker albums and so on and whatever the rest of world may think about this, it just between us and causes no harm.
Some may be more into the look which can vary from what is just 'adult' clothes based on childhood likes, though larger versions of children's clothes to those who may wear oversized school children's clothing as a means of building on how they feel. The latter may seem a little odd although in the UK at least middle aged do put on school uniforms - usually high school ones mind - to wear to school reunion discos and social meet ups! In that context it is accepted and in your own home what you do is very much your own affair.
Every so often though we read stories of people, generally men, who dress as school girls hanging around recreation grounds or actual schools which attracts the attentions of the local media and host of other people.
Now their intent may not necessarily be to harm any child and for one thing most kids would soon realize this person wasn't their (chronological)  age, however it does cause children especially the 12's and younger to feel ill at ease and in some circumstances distressed even.
Many parents will feel at least a sense of unease at your presence in oversized school pinafore dress, white socks  and pigtails and most would conclude you wanted their child's attention to harm them. In that context it isn't that surprising that your local police department will be called and will expect you explain yourself.
Causing children to feel this uncomfortable is just plain wrong, may well result in verbal even physical abuse to you from parents and is a extremely stupid AND serious thing to do even if from your point of view you're just placing yourself back at school feeling still that age.
I used to work in child protection not least as a 'Little Girl' I had a great empathy toward the role of protecting children from harm and it makes my blood boil!
Remember being a 'Little Girl' doesn't excuse us from respecting the emotional needs of children and avoiding needless distress.  In fact it ought to inform them!

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