Monday, April 7, 2008


The spring fashions here have been interesting not least the popularity of Pinafore Dresses in a variety of differing lengths and materials.There a staple of my 'little girl' self image.
Here's one I recently bought which has a cotton/elastene top part (the Pinafore), the lower is portion is jersey in a just above the knee length.
It ties up at the back.

There are other kinds of littles fashion that call out to me though such as the kind that are more casual or playwear such as this:
It's very frilly dungaree with sown in blouse with a pretty pink bow with pink frills on the outer legs of the shorts part. I'd love to be in something like that.

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  1. Yes the pinafore style dress is nice isn't it? I've been a fan of them for a while. I like the versatility, the ability to be able to layer if you wish with a simple white t shirt above, which is oh-so-chic, and as a plus they are so easy to wear!