Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The youngest girl in the Fifth

Having gotten Christmas out of the way, here's the latest instalment of a series of short bits on the stories I read at boarding school and this edition dates to 1970 and isn't in quiet so good a condition as the others apart from having the price in the old UK money that was changed February 1971.

The story is is set at a all girls boarding school where fourteen and a bit Gwen Gascoyne, is moved in the middle of the term from the Upper Fourth to the Fifth Form as her Principal, Miss Roscoe feels the work in the Upper Fourth is too easy despite her years.
In the World of the school girls she is seen as stand-offish, treated very much as an outcast by all except Netta whose malicious scheming nature leads Gwen into trouble and deceit.
All of this isn't helped by a spell of bad luck either!
Gwen comes into her own during an accident during an accident in her forms geology expedition and from then on begins to earn the respect of her classmates.

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