Monday, July 16, 2007

At 14

Hi and welcome to a new exciting entry in my blog, which has going for a fair while now.
It took me me a bit of time to learn about  how to lay out an entry using the tools blogger  provides,captioning my entries as well as the discipline of making the entries on something like regular basis.
This is an slightly older 'Joanne' looking just about 14 very much as I recall it, older bit still very much a girl with with pink colour scheme  and cute effects on the shelf.
At 14 We started studying for our 16+ exams  having decided with our teachers and parents what options for study subjects we were going to be taking although within reason they could be changed afterward.
I majored on the Humanities, studying Religious Education, Geography, History as well of English language, English Literature, Math, Government and Politics and combined Science.I also took as a study only subject Geometric and Engineering Drawing, learning to draw in three dimensions as well as Craftwork, where I learned about enamelling, basic woodwork and made craft items from fabrics, card and glue.
Naturally being my school we still continued to play team games  such as Rounders as well as taking swimming lessons. In my head I still felt 12 however even though perhaps compared to today's youngsters we were less overtly grown up for not having the same push on branded fashion and sexuality.
As far as dress went the uniform was as shown, still very much sweater, blouse and neatly pleated skirts but some girls wore tights rather than white knee socks.

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