Monday, March 20, 2006

The luckiest girl in the school with Girls of Saint Cyprians

Hello there. It's Joanne again and today I'm going to talk about something that's a part of being my age regressed self and a part of my actual childhood, reading and the girls stories we had at school.

Stories about the fictional lives of schoolgirls were very much what we read of not least for being having the kind of situations in them we could oh so readilly identify with and although these were set in the early Twentieth century, there was less difference between our lives and theirs as perhaps is the case today.
The Girls of St, Cyprians story is centred around a local inter school annual competition called the "Alliance" and is about Mildred Lancaster an orphaned Fifth former who has an inherited talent for the violin but is disappointed to find  she isn't chosen to represent the school in the Music section of the competition due to her day dreaming.
In order to fulfil her dreams for her future she needs to make a decision and to learn a lesson

The luck the Luckiest Girl in the School refers to is the luck one Winona has following feeling out of her depth, getting low marks with her teachers accusing of her of laziness. This would be odd as the mysteries of Geometry and Latin keep her glued to her books well into the night.
She realizes the dreadful truth-that she's an impostor in the School-and her days at Seaton High School, won on a scholarship are over. She becomes indeed the Luckiest Girl in the School.

These copies are my original Armada paperback editions from Nineteen Sixty-nine so there is a little wear as you'd expect being read as a child and surviving the big wooden toy box when we moved.

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