Monday, March 6, 2006


Hello everyone.

My name is Joanne and my LG age is 12 years old.
In the the beginning the girl was born but someone got muddled up  because my anatomy didn't match me - the soul me - so this they way I should of looked all those years ago in full schoolgirl uniform was a rare occurrence except from the girls bless them made me up during recess understanding my predicament. That help me be one of the girls which I am, really. Joanne's friends back in the day looked very much like this hair looking oh so cute in their sensible T Bar shoes. Joanne_chan couldn't tie her laces of the shoes Mommy mistakenly bought her so she had to ask them to help her but she didn't mind as that meant she was their playmate playing games such as' love, kiss hate or adore ' or 'kiss, tickle or torture'.
Playtimes were always fun!!!

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