Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pre blog IIII - Christmas reflections

It's Christmas and I am sat next to this rather old computer my brother assembled a few years back as he gets through PC's like some folk get through cars - he has to update every 12 months or so - while I keep them until they drop pieces on me.
It's hard to believe my Nan has been dead for just over a year and this time of year is difficult as Christmas for me always meant having family around, talking and playing with you as well as obviously sharing food so it all comes back to me.
This year though although I've had some more groan up things like an organizer, it's really been the small gifts like toy bears and cute socks I've really enjoyed and that makes sense to me because what makes me feel secure.
This years been a rollercoaster for me, feeling like screaming at all the hours I've been expected to do losing so much of my time that it's the child like things I've been craving for increasingly. I'm having my childhood back and I am thinking about making a space on this internet thing to jot it all down.

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