Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Vacation time [Pre blog]

It's that time of the year all ready I guess.
There's just something about Summer vacationing for me and after last years OCR course I'm thinking about changing work as one thing I found was I didn't feel I was part of the organization, indeed looking back on what I said to one the external course people back then  it's as if I'm very isolated and feel vulnerable.
One thing I want to find is where I went, cos it seems to me that I've lost something of who I am and what matters the most to me in the last ten years since I've been working for my current organization.
As I've always like the seaside I might just find some clues as it was always a happy place for in the past, you know, my childhood. Can it be that long ago since I saw it? 
It sounds silly but I have this pent up feeling inside of me that wants to play with the sand, I don't know why but I just do.
One girl I saw seemed so carefree the last time I was on vacation running about with her t shirt and skirt or was it one of these new Skort thingies that look like this.
They're by Gilberts I believe and girls in school I gather wear these rather than the traditional pleated Netball skirts and they have a built in undershort. It's all different from our day but time doesn't stay still does it?

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