Thursday, July 20, 2000

Souled out! [Pre-blog]

A few years back in the early days of the compact disc, a series of discs was issued but seemed to disappear rapidly off the market that was most desirable
That series Big Hits and Hard To Find Classics on Motown  records, did what the title suggested for once giving us a few big hits by artists poorly represented on cd and adding shed load of recordings that having appeared once on 45, only made the very hard to find compilation albums like Motown Memories or Big Hits retrospectives series all gone in todays cd world.
On July 17th the British arm of Motown put out a re-issue -  well almost a full  re-issue as Eddie Hollands Jamie couldn't be found from the original volume 2 - of the original three cds that made it possible for me and a few few others to expand our Motown on cd collections following on from the re-issue of the UK Motown Chartbusters sets and the Hitsville USA box sets.
As a number of these tracks were from albums friends had or were played on the radio I'm delighted to hear them anew minus any scratches and other wear.

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