Saturday, March 7, 1998

Love train [Pre-blog]

Another year on and here's something that I got

Yet another Philadelphia International issued March 2nd but where this scores is it goes to the mid 80's unlike last years 3 cd box set so we get tracks like Brandy by the O'Jay's, Nights Over Egypt by the Jones Girls and Do You Get Enough Love by Shirley Jones as well as Ain't No Stopping Us.
It also has 45 tracks across the two discs which tells you something else: Where last years box went with standard lp length versions or the extended ones, this uses single edits so that set isn't redundant and my copy is on MiniDisc which almost mirrors the slotting in tape feel of grown up with 8 track tapes in the car and home. It just lacks the booklet of the box set that's all.

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