Tuesday, September 30, 1997

Rewind to the past-The Philly Sound [Pre-blog]

It's all new and certainly here!
As you may of gathered by now  I really like music and this is the kind of music I loved as it was on the radio or being played in the car or Taxi stereo tape player travelling to school as we had this driver called Philip who really really was into what we learnt was the Sound of Philadelphia International - a soul label whose artists mixed up jazz, funk and soul into a fantastic sound and he played it to us.
At the time, we're talking the early to mid 1970's, their artists such as the O'Jays, Intruders, Lou Rawls and others were very popular and this 3 cd set issued today has 47 of them, many in their longer versions rather than the radio played edits which is just what I've been looking for over the years as it reminds me of those happy times.

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