Monday, June 16, 1997

Schoolwear shopping [Pre-blog]

Today we that's Mommy and I, travelled down to the city to do some shopping as we don't have the big chain stores in our town. One problem I have is that anything in men's wear is all the wrong proportions for me so I generally speaking buy from children's stores or schoolwear stockists or womens stores that probably does make more sense with me being a transsexual anyway even though Mommy has some issues around of that sadly.
But anyway we end up inside of British Home Stores, in the children's department supposedly looking at school trousers for those occasions when people expect me to look more formalish and some new socks but I'm really more interested in the girls school uniforms spending minutes transfixed looking at them. I'm picturing them on me in my head, thinking if only I could start all over again, as a girl back in school, the only place I felt I belonged. We pay for our purchases but I think today I learned something about my own thoughts on the past and it is intriguing me.

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