Monday, May 19, 1997

Filling the frame [Pre-blog]

It looks as if going to be out and about more this year with my cameras so I decided to treat myself to a new lens.
 200mm lens are not the sort of thing I use everyday that's for sure but they have their place in the photographic scheme of thing such as Landscapes - mountain images - where their stacked prospective is easily recognizable or with things such as airshows of which I do attend a few.
This is the Zuiko F4 which as such lenses go is quite light so you can use it handheld although support in the form of Monopods or Tripods really is best as the greater magnification increases the risk of camera shake.
This one was going cheap with a very tiny amount of dust in it but nowhere near enough to degrade performance but with everything else really smooth in Chester.
It takes a 55mm filter which are commonly found and  not very expensive.
No 250266

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