Monday, November 18, 1996

Flash, bang, wallop!

One thing I do like to do is take pictures of my pussycat and I was beginning to get frustrated with the hand-me-down flash unit I need to do this with and recently I bought a dedicated flash unit for my Olympus camera that screws on the top of it.
Called the T32, it has a highish output of 32GN it is designed so cameras that adjust flash exposure through the lens like the OM2/4 models and OM40  can use it while by just flipping over a panel it allows cameras like my OM10 to use three automatic settings a sensor in the flash controls the output from and gives a choice in additional of quarter or full power should you need it.
The head can be tilted upward to bounce the flash for softer illumination or down by 15 degrees if needed.

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